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As of September 2015, construction of the South Williamson Boulevard extension in Port Orange, FL, is destroying dozens of acres of wetlands and threatening thousands of acres more, including the largest wetland mitigation bank in the United States (Farmton), which is where this road is planned to go.

This project threatens the well-being of the local community by increasing the risk of flooding, increasing the concentrations of fertilizers, pesticides, and sewage in the water, and destroying habitat for fish and wildlife.

The cumulative effects of various large local projects inside the Spruce Creek basin have not been studied as a whole, although the Clean Water Act requires it.

The construction of South Williamson Boulevard is associated with the 1000+ acre Woodhaven development and I-95 highway interchange projects, which hinder the public’s effort to complete the Doris Leeper Spruce Creek Preserve and use it for outdoor recreational and aesthetic purposes (hiking, biking, nature photography, bird watching, horseback riding, etc.).

Additionally, the developer is taking over $15,000,000 in public money to build this road through Spruce Creek’s wetland basin, which is not in the public’s best interest.  Besides hurting the environment, county-funded traffic studies have shown that building this road will cause traffic flow issues, and NOT improve the road network’s functionality.

The solution is to stop the construction of South Williamson Boulevard and return allocated funding to the taxpayers.  After that the State of Florida would be able to buy the land and preserve it for future generations.